Clans of the Valley

Only three, simple but very diffrent clans, reside on this valley range. Which Clan will you join?
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 Form and Example

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Name: StoneStar

Rank: Leader of MountainClan

Clan: MountainClan

Age: 34 Moons

Gender: Female

Personality: StoneStar is a heavy-set, hot temepered, gray and black ball of fur. She's quick to snap at any cat, even her medicine-cat but she wouldnt dare raise a claw. She can be really cuddly at times as well. She loves it when kits come up to her and ask her questions of her leadership, even though she always has an annoyed look in her large gray green eyes. She tends to zone out from humanity to think of her past and future. She starts with a straight face, but gradually, her face becomes a harsh, dazed, blind look. Kits often mistake the gaze as a hate or angry look, but StoneStar cant help it.

Appearance: StoneStar is a heavy-set, long furred gray and black she-cat. She has fang like markings under both her eyes and claw like markings on her cheeks. She has a broad silver-flecked muzzle. Her green-gray eyes can seem very intimidating to few who dont really know her well.

History: StoneStar's Warrior name was Stonetail, for her roughly colored tail. After the former Leader, TeatherStar died, she became Leader. Because she was a forceful cat, many cats feared and respected her. But as she adged, her hot temper died to a flickering flame.

Other: When she zones out, she may see cats who have fallen over the time she was a kit to a warrior, but no farther.

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Form and Example
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