Clans of the Valley

Only three, simple but very diffrent clans, reside on this valley range. Which Clan will you join?
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 Rules of the RP

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PostSubject: Rules of the RP   Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:40 pm

1. No God-modding. You cannot dodge every single attack that comes at you. Take a hit once inawhile. The people who do this are boring cheaters who dont know hot to RP fairly.

2. No power-playing. Do not control someone elses character. It is unfair and when you do it, the other player cannot react.

3. Dont wanna RP on this site anymore? Kill your charrie

4. You can have mates, get preg and have pups, it just cant be graphic

5. Nothing unatural. Your fur cannot be blue, or purple or any color of the rainbow.
Only your EYES can be different colors of the rainbow. But feel free to have any markings you wish such as crosses, stars, moon shapes etc. etc.

6. No killing some one elses charrie without their permission

7. When OOC use (()), (), [], {}

8. No repeating names! If there is a charrie named Shadowtail dont make a charrie named Shadowtail. You can have the word Shadow in it just use something else.

10. No cussing! The word 'hell' is allowed it just cant be used every other word

11. Do not post chat speek in territoriys....there is a catagory for that....

12. Dont ask me to be a rank....

13. No one liners like "SilverStar ran." None of that. Type your charries feelings, the surrondings. Put some effort into it!!
Exp: "Senku ran, pumping her legs harder and harder until she felt as if her legs were no longer there."

14. No double posting! Dont repetedly post just to do one action! If I catch you doing that there will be consequences.

15. Just cuz someones not online dosnt mean you cant roleplay with them! Just type and wait! And its okay if someone posts in between! Just role with it!

16. When you post your character sheet you are accepted instantly.

17. If you plan on posting something in the art section and you used something called a base/outline/linart please say that you used it. Do not claim the line art as yours.

I will add more rules if I have to.
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Rules of the RP
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